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-Hunting Page-

We offer black bear hunt starting August 13th and runs through October 2nd. We hunt from 15ft elevated stands over bait stations serviced by our guides and you may hunt with rifle or bow. To maintain a quality hunt, we will only take 4 hunters per week and a total of 10 hunters for the season. The hunt is fully guided and it is your guides' responsibility to take you to and from your stand - retrieve and field dress your game, which includes packaging and freezing. The hunt is a five day package with fishing; includes lodging, boat, motor, gas, breakfast and dinner in our dining room and a packed lunch for mid-day in the field. License and tax extra.

If you hunt with a rifle you may obtain a firearm permit on the web from the Ontario Government MNR.
You must have this permit to get your firearm across the border.*Under the Ontario Hunter Safety Training Program, everyone must present an old or current hunting license from either Canada or the U.S. before we can issue a new license.