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The Longlegged Lake Chain of lakes is comprised of seven connected, but
individual bodies of water, West ,North, Lift, Middle, Stork, Pantry and
South Lakes. The chain runs 27 miles long with approximately 17,000 acres of
some of the best fishing on this continent. Each of these lakes have their
own characteristics and personalities.    

WEST LAKE is a more shallow body of water, (60'max), comprised of sand and
gravel bottom.  It's here the walleye spawn in the spring as do the lake
trout  in the fall. We find the walleye common in the 21" to 24",(3-5# range).
Our guests concentrate on this 1000 acre lake early in the season for
trophy walleye, as well as the eater size. Also, the early season is when
you'll find the lake trout in these shallows.

NORTH LAKE is a deeper and colder 6400 acre lake with a maximum depth of
130'.  Here you will find lake trout in large numbers averaging 4 to 12#,
with an occasional fish of 20# plus range! The main forage on the lake are
ciscos, tulibi, and whitefish. This is why the muskies are so common and
impressive on North Lake. Long Legged Lake has been given trophy status by
the Ontario Government,(54" limit), and biological studies have determined
the extraordinary size of the muskie is due to the high oil forage on this
lake. The lake provides an almost perfect ecosystem. The largest
muskie,(clear strain), boated this year was 55 1/2".(released). Water
clarity on North Lake is very clear to 18'. As you travel south on Long
Legged it appears more stained due to the tamarak forest surrounding the

LIFT LAKE is a narrow passage to the south.  Here the northern pike abound
as well as the walleye in "take home limit size" ! The average size of
northern pike on Long Legged run 5-15#, with an occasional 20# plus!

MIDDLE LAKE is where the northern pike become more prevalent, as do the
early season muskie. The many narrow passages create a flowage to the south
and countless weed beds hold bait fish for these predators. (Try hard not
to spook the moose) They make a terrific picture and memory to take home!!!

STORK LAKE is a larger body of water, (6500 acres), with a maximum depth of
90'. Although the lake trout are absent from Stork, the walleye, pike, and
muskie action is unbelievable. Here the structure holds the key, with
reefs, deep water humps, and islands that produce the numbers, as well as
the trophy status.

PANTRY LAKE is a more shallow bay with cabbage weed beds and serves as a
spawn area and northern pike and muskie.  And finally on to....

SOUTH LAKE is where the lack of fishing pressure says it all---in one

We also offer three small portage lakes on which we have boat caches, Lakes
Mary, Mayfly, and Sandwich. These lakes are CPR only because of their size!
We're talking fish here. They're so concentrated that live bait is not
necessary, but a camera is.  The trophy status walleye and pike will amaze

In summery, the Long Legged Lake Chain is one of Northwestern Ontario's
finest fisheries, and offers any sportsman, or sportswoman, whether a
fisherman, or a hunter, a quiet place in which a person can still reflect
and respect, Mother Nature, herself, in this remote theatre of wilderness.